La politica mediorientale della Spagna di Franco fra il 1945 e il 1955


  • Alberto Tonini


Franco’s Spain Middle-East policy between 1945 and 1955.

The essay studies the conduct of Franco’s foreign policy towards the Middle- East immediately after WWII, emphasising how the traditional relationships between Spain and the Arab peoples were exploited to break the international limbo in which the Allied powers and the UN had relegated the Spanish régime, accused of having been a dose friend of Nazism and Fascism. Special attention is given to Israel conduct towards Spain at the UN. The Tel Aviv govemment did not take into consideration some Jewish communities’ grateful attitude towards Spain for having sheltered many Jews during the conflict. The Israeli’s stand reinforced the pro-Arabs choice of the Spanish government. Again during the Fifties Spain was supported by the Middle-East countries and infact in 1955 she was accepted as UN member also because of the Arabs delegates’ vote.

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  • Alberto Tonini

    Alberto Tonini ha conseguito il dottorato di ricerca in Storia delle relazioni internazionali con una tesi dedicata alla politica dei paesi europei sulla questione palestinese. Ha pubblicato un saggio sui rapporti fra l’Egitto e i palestinesi di Gaza. Dal 1995 e segretario della Società Italiana per gli Studi Medio Orientali.




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