Letteratura ed esperienze estreme. A proposito di Max Aub e Jorge Semprún (Prima parte)


  • Carla Perugini


Literature and extreme experiences. On Max Aub and Jorge Semprún (part one)

The Anti-Francoist writers, who have lived some extreme experience, such as imprisonment in the French or German concentration camps, the Comisarías’ torture or the hard jail in Spain, have tackled the painful subject of their own vivencia in many works, writing plain memoirs or re-working it in fictional way. In any case the relationship with the writing has had to overcome the tale’s unut- terable contents, the presumed instransmissibility of atrocious realities, the conflict between aesthetics and matter of the telling. Emblematic of such a conflict — settled — between literature and extreme experiences are the works of Max Aub and Jorge Semprún.

Biografia autore

Carla Perugini

Carla Perugini, insegna Lingua e letteratura spagnola presso la Facoltà di Lingue dell’Università di Salerno. Nell’ambito dell’epoca contemporanea ha pubblicato vari studi sulla prosa romantica, sulla poesia del Novecento, sulla novela negra e sulla letteratura dell’esilio.



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C. Perugini, «Letteratura ed esperienze estreme. A proposito di Max Aub e Jorge Semprún (Prima parte)», Spagna contemporanea, n. 13, pagg. 89-105, dic. 1997.