Política educativa y represión del Magisterio en la España franquista (1936-1943)


  • Francisco Morente Valero Università Autonoma di Barcellona


Franco’s triumph in the Civil War meant, in the educational field, the destruction of all the ambitious reforms promoted by the Republican governments and the return to an educational system very old fashioned on the pedagogic side and very ideologized in its contents. At the same time there was a very strong purge of the professional teachers with the dual aim of punishing past faults and adjusting the teachers’ profiles to the new school’s needs. The article studies and connects both aspects of this educational policy.

Biografia autore

Francisco Morente Valero, Università Autonoma di Barcellona

Francisco Morente Valero insegna nel Dipartimento di storia moderna e contemporanea dell’Università Autonoma di Barcellona. Ha tra l’altro pubblicato Tradición y represión. La depuración del magisterio de Barcelona, 1939-1942 (Barcelona, PPU, 1996) e La escuela y el Estado Nuevo. La depuración del Magisterio Nacional, 1936-1943 (Valladolid, Ámbito Ediciones, 1997).



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F. Morente Valero, «Política educativa y represión del Magisterio en la España franquista (1936-1943)», Spagna contemporanea, n. 16, pagg. 61-82, dic. 1999.