Transizione e nazionalismi dall’esilio: Manuel García Pelayo


  • Marco Succio


La transizione dall’esilio: Manuel García Pelayo

The Spanish intellectuals’ exile following the Civil War resulted in a majority of cases either with a definitive leaving of the Country or with a similar definiti- ve return starting with the Sixties till the end of Franco’s régime. In this context Manuel García Pelayo stands conspicuously. The politologist and philosopher lived his exile in a rather complicated way, with yearly trips to Spain which kept him closely bound to the Fatherland. When the interminable vicissitudes seemed to give way to a peaceful life in Madrid, a scandal that touched him when he was President of the Tribunal Constitucional “compelled” him to a second and definitive exile. The essay shows how a character with such un-typical biography lived and interpreted the Spanish political events from Franco’s arrival to power till the Transición.




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“ Transizione e nazionalismi dall’esilio: Manuel García Pelayo”, Spagna contemporanea, no. 21, pp. 137–144, Jul. 2002, Accessed: Jun. 19, 2024. [Online]. Available: