La stampa del regime franchista e i “quarantacinque giorni”


  • Gabriele De Giorgi


La stampa del regime franchista ed i «quarantacinque giorni»

During the tragic summer of 1943 Madrid follows with special concern the course of the political and military events on the Italian territory. From the most important daily newspapers, strictly checked by the Falangist authorities, transpires a creeping internal struggle between the camisas azules, lined up on proFascist positions, and the moderate representatives of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, whose political line more decidedly neutralist shall yet wait some months before being accepted. The harshness of the judgments against Badoglio’s Italy seems to deny — once more — the received ideas of the Spanish neutrality as a strategy chosen and followed by Franco.

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Gabriele De Giorgi

Gabriele De Giorgi, laureato in Scienze politiche all’Università di Pisa, ha iniziato un Dottorato in Storia e sociologia della modernità presso la stessa Università, con un progetto di ricerca che verte sulle relazioni tra franchismo e Repubblica di Salò.



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G. . De Giorgi, «La stampa del regime franchista e i “quarantacinque giorni”», Spagna Contempomporanea, n. 24, pagg. 25-43, dic. 2003.