Il PSOE e la gestione dei grandi eventi del 1992


  • Carmelo Adagio


Il PSOE e la gestione dei grandi eventi del 1992

The articles studies the transformation of the town-planning policies implemented in Spain since the Transition until the Nineties. The essay is focused on Madrid, Seville, Barcelona and Bilbao. The international economic framework and the opening of a European political and economic space has led the administrators of the most important Spanish cities to go beyond a town-planning concept based on restoration, conservation and shared planning. The winning idea has been one of a urban policy based on strategical projects, that has found its most prominent moments in 1992, year of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, of the Seville’s Universal Exhibition and of Madrid European Cultural Capital. As to this policy towards increasing the cities’ role as centers of services, tourism and new technologies, Bilbao built up a delay, due also to an existing deep social conflict, and only in the Nineties could give space to a new urban policy aimed at changing the town’s international role and image.

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  • Carmelo Adagio

    Carmelo Adagio ha conseguito il dottorato di ricerca in Storia contemporanea presso la Università La Sapienza di Roma. Fa parte della redazione di "Spagna contemporanea" e di "Zapruder". È autore di Chiesa e nazione in Spagna. La dittatura  di Primo di Rivera, 1923-1930 (Unicopli, Milano 2004).




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